We are creatives, tech nerds, number crunchers, painters, dog lovers, dreamers & doers. W.E.B. Solutions is an Austin based full-service digital marketing and creative design agency focused on providing the absolute maximum return on investment for our clients. W.E.B. Solutions can handle any and all of your digital marketing and design needs. We're fluent in both B2B and B2C marketing strategies and have a proven track record of success across multiple verticals. W.E.B. Solutions operates at the confluence of creative design and data analytics. We put in the work to create things we're proud of, and we love what we do. 


  • Medical, Dental & MedPsych

  • Residential & Commercial Contractors

  • Auto & Marine 

  • Legal 

  • Food, Beverage & Hospitality

  • Service & Trade 

  • Technology 

  • Retail

  • eCommerce

  • Oil & Gas 

  • Pet Care & Veterinary 

  • Education 

  • Insurance 

  • Real Estate 

  • Not-For-Profits 

  • and more...


We believe that giving is far more important than getting. Our Mission is to empower small and medium sized businesses and to leave the world a little better than we found it. We do this two ways.

First, we help small and medium sized businesses establish, and grow their digital presence, and ultimately make more money. Secondly, through helping our clients we are lucky to have the opportunity to turn around and help others. We do that through our annual donation of 5% of our yearly profits to charity. The growing list of charities we are humbled to work with are: Austin Pets Alive, and The SAFE Alliance of Austin. 


Dear Friends, 


I founded W.E.B. Solutions with a simple mission: to help small and medium sized businesses tell their story online and maximize their profit through thoughtfully designed websites and digital marketing plans that deliver real results. 

Developing strong relationships with our customers while understanding their unique businesses and goals is at the core of what I do, and what W.E.B. Solutions was founded on. 

I am privileged to do what I love for a living- to help businesses make more money through web design and digital marketing. I aim to carry a spirit of passion and gratitude into everything we do at W.E.B. Solutions. 


W.E.B. Solutions bears my name; but it is not a sign of vanity. It is a way to commit to my mission and to take intimate responsibility for everything we do.  


W.E.B. Solutions works with multiple philanthropic organizations in Central Texas and offers pro-bono work to not-for-profits of our choosing as a way to give back. 

I hope in time we can continue to grow in our mission to help small and medium sized businesses, and  in turn do more good for more people through our philanthropic efforts. 


With Gratitude, 

                William E. Bartz III